Construction foil

Construction foil

PE Construction Film: Your Reliable Protection in Construction

At RVC, we understand the crucial role that construction film plays in the construction industry. Our PE (polyethylene) construction film is an essential product for every construction site. Manufactured from high-quality, translucent raw materials, to which we add a significant proportion of new materials, we guarantee a product that is not only strong, but also durable.

Our Standard: Quality and Reliability

Our PE construction film, recognizable by its unique blue, transparent color, is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the construction industry. With a fixed thickness tolerance, it offers consistent quality you can rely on.

Versatile Applications

The versatility of our PE construction film makes it an indispensable product for various applications:

  • Covering Building Materials: Perfect for protecting various building materials from weather and dust.
  • Cement Screeds: Ideal for covering cement screeds, it provides reliable protection during the curing process.
  • Sealing Windows: An effective solution for temporarily sealing windows during construction or renovation work.
  • Protecting Clean Masonry: Our film protects clean masonry from dirt and damage.
  • Shielding Floor Coverings: Excellent for protecting floor coverings and laminate during construction or painting work.
  • Grid Film: Film with grid printing for easy installation of underfloor heating.
  • Prefab Roof and Facade Elements: Ideal for use in prefabricated building elements.
  • Used in damp crawl spaces, concrete floors, anhydrite floors, parquet, insulated roof constructions, and steel roofs.


  • Size: From 1.5m to 6 meters wide.
  • Thicknesses: Available in T100 and T200, and from 20mu to 400mu.
  • Delivery on roll.
  • Material: In 100% regranulate or 100% virgin in both transparent and translucent to black.
  • Printing available, for example with grid printing as with underfloor heating.

Ready for Delivery

We understand the importance of time in the construction sector. Therefore, we can often deliver from stock, ensuring your projects do not experience delays. Our PE construction film is delivered in user-friendly packaging, facilitating handling on the construction site.


It is important to note that when we talk about the thickness of the film, we refer to the actual measured thicknesses. Generally, the thicker the film, the better its vapor-retarding properties. We therefore advise always specifying the actual thickness of the film when ordering, rather than relying on designations such as T100 or T200. These terms refer to type films or tolerance films, which can often have a thickness tolerance of more than 50%.

Vapor Retardant

A construction film is considered vapor retardant when it has the capacity to significantly limit or prevent the passage of water vapor. This is usually expressed in terms of the vapor diffusion resistance factor, also known as the µ-value (mu-value). This value indicates the extent to which a material is capable of resisting the diffusion of water vapor compared to diffusion through air.