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Since 1979, we have been known for our down-to-earth Twente approach, quick response and the ability to communicate clearly and efficiently, which means that our products find their way to satisfied customers in the Benelux and Germany every day.

With our extensive experience and in-house expertise, we provide tailor-made packaging solutions to a wide range of companies in the construction, industrial, potting soil, food and retail sectors, always delivering tailor-made solutions to meet the unique needs of each company. to fulfil.

FLEXO PRINTING – At RVC we do not have our own production facilities and we also offer the option of printing in up to 8 colors for a wide range of flexible packaging products. Combined with efficient distribution from our own warehouse and fleet, we guarantee fast delivery times and products that meet your requirements both functionally and aesthetically.

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We understand that flexibility and inventory management are essential in the dynamic world of packaging

That’s why we also offer the option to stock products specifically for our customers, resulting in fast delivery, a service that sets us apart from the competition.

We are committed to sustainability in the film industry and offer a range of recycled films and solutions for recycling film waste. We are committed to continuously improving our products and services and making them more sustainable.

RVC Since 1979


Since our founding in 1979, RVC has been characterized by a down-to-earth Twente approach. We pride ourselves on our quick response and clear, efficient communication. These values ​​form the core of our services and have made us successful in our industry for more than forty years.

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experience the combination of Twente down-to-earth, innovation and flexibility, all under one roof.

With our expertise in packaging machines, we offer tailor-made solutions that match the unique machines and processes of our customers. Our packaging is enriched with additives such as anti-static, anti-block, UV filters, UV stabilizers and metalocene for optimal performance.

In addition, our range includes shrink guns and all necessary accessories, as well as a range of mounting materials and protection materials, such as foam and bubble wrap. With this complete range of flexible packaging solutions you are assured of quality and innovation, tailored to all your packaging needs.

Innovative in Packaging with Customized Machines and Special Additives

With our expertise in packaging machines, we offer tailor-made solutions that match the unique machines and processes of our customers. We offer a variety of additives to tailor our products to your specific requirements. This includes options such as anti-static, anti-block, and metalocene, for optimal performance.