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Sustainability at RVC Industrial Packaging

Polyethylene (PE) is known as one of the most versatile and widely used plastics in the world. It is a thermoplastic, popular for its strength, durability and flexibility.

One of the most remarkable properties of PE is its recyclability. PE films can be recycled and transformed into new products, contributing to the circular economy and reducing waste. Our PE films are designed with the environment in mind. They contain no metals or plasticizers.

Reuse and Recycling

As a proud partner of the trade organization NRK and co-signatory of the packaging agreement, we commit ourselves to reusing a significant percentage of our films.

We ensure responsible processing of the remainder. We offer our customers the service of disposing of their clean PE waste, returning approximately 250,000 kg of plastic annually for reuse and/or recycling. 

In collaboration with our long-standing partner, we are reintroducing our waste as reclaimed raw material in the form of CLR (Closed Loop Recycling) waste bags back into the market. These bags are produced under EU regulations No. 94/62/EC and No. 2008/98/EC.

our beating heart - the factory

Air purification

We lead the industry with an afterburner that purifies polluted air, allowing us to emit clean air.

Water saving

Our machines are cooled with rainwater through a closed system, which prevents harmful substances from being spread.

rainwater drained separately

In addition, rainwater is drained separately and the cleaning agents we use (Etac) are recycled in a professional and environmentally friendly manner by Interchem.

Tube Exchange System

We collect empty plastic tubes that have been returned.

The tubes are then processed by a recycler into regranulate to be reused in a responsible manner.

Innovation and Efficiency

We strive for continuous innovation to make our work processes more efficient and reduce the environmental impact. This includes promoting electric driving; Our entire truck fleet runs according to the recent Euro 6 standard.

Innovative in Packaging with Customized Machines and Special Additives

With our expertise in packaging machines, we offer tailor-made solutions that match the unique machines and processes of our customers. We offer a variety of additives to tailor our products to your specific requirements. This includes options such as anti-static, anti-block, and metalocene, for optimal performance.