FLEXO printing

Flexo printing Expertise at R.V.C. Industrial Packaging B.V.

Our advanced printing machines allow us to print up to 8 colours, allowing us to achieve a wide range of visually impressive prints. From simple designs to complex, full-color landscapes that come to life – we make it possible.

Our Flexo Printing Services

We offer flexo printing solutions for a variety of products. Discover more about our services:

  • Film for the substrates market:
    • Our specially formulated foil, inks and varnish are well known in the market.
  • Printed shipping bags
  • Printing on tubular film
  • Shrink Film Printing
  • Printed vending machine film
  • FFS Foil Printing
  • Paperlike Printing

Technology and Expertise

Our machine park consists of three Windmöller & Hölscher printing machines, operated by expertly trained flexo printers. We use the latest cliché and screen sleeve technologies, combined with highly pigmented inks, to guarantee superior printing quality. Our satisfied customer base, ranging from simple to complex and colorful printed films, is a testament to our consistent delivery of top quality.

Fast Service and Flexibility

Our flexible working method, short supply chain, and strong relationships with long-term partners and suppliers enable us to respond quickly to the needs of our customers. This results in low delivery times and a service that adapts to your time schedule.

Our Dedicated Team

Our printing company is run by a team of experienced printers, who treat every project with the utmost care and attention. Their years of experience and dedication guarantee that every project meets the highest standards.

the factory

Air purification

We lead the industry with an afterburner that purifies polluted air, allowing us to emit clean air.

Water saving

Our machines are cooled with rainwater through a closed system, which prevents harmful substances from being spread.

rainwater drained separately

In addition, rainwater is drained separately and the cleaning agents we use (Etac) are recycled in a professional and environmentally friendly manner by Interchem.

Innovative in Packaging with Customized Machines and Special Additives

With our expertise in packaging machines, we offer tailor-made solutions that match the unique machines and processes of our customers. We offer a variety of additives to tailor our products to your specific requirements. This includes options such as anti-static, anti-block, and metalocene, for optimal performance.