Bread bags

Bread bags

Your Daily Bread Deserves the Best Protection

In a world where food freshness is a priority, our LDPE and PP bread bags provide a reliable solution for preserving the taste and texture of your bread. These bags are specially designed to extend the shelf life of your whole or half bread products, while ensuring safety and hygiene.

Application: Safe and Hygienic

Our bread bags are ideal for storing daily bread, luxury breads and pastry products. They are strong and flexible, making them suitable for processing different sizes of loaves. The transparent property of LDPE and PP ensures that the contents are always visible, contributing to an attractive presentation and ease of identifying different types of bread.


  • Printing: Personalized with prints, such as company logos or product information, making them an excellent choice for branding and marketing. Up to 8 colors possible with continuous printing or position printing.
  • Formats: different sizes possible depending on your bread.
  • Thicknesses: various options possible.
  • Coloring: transparent
  • Food safe: approved for direct contact with food.
  • Additives: Anti-block, anti-static, UV-resistant. Freezer safe
  • Material: LDPE or PP
  • Perforation: without or micro
  • Mounting: on bracket
  • Packaging: loose in a box

Discover today how our bread bags can make a difference in your daily routine. Order now and experience the perfect combination of style, functionality and durability.