Bubble wrap and Foam

Bubble wrap and Foam

Bubble Wrap and Foam: Your Products Safe and Secure

In the world of packaging and shipping, bubble wrap and foam play a crucial role in protecting goods from damage. These packaging materials are designed to provide a soft, shock-absorbing layer that protects fragile items during transportation and storage. Whether your products are large or small, robust or delicate, bubble wrap and foam provide reliable protection against bumps, falls and vibrations.

Properties of Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap, often known as bubble wrap, is a lightweight, flexible material consisting of air cushions that provide excellent cushioning. The studs are designed to absorb and disperse the impact of shock, significantly reducing the chance of breakage or damage to the product. It is waterproof and also provides a degree of insulation against temperature fluctuations.

Properties of Foam

Foam packaging material, also known as foam film, provides soft and non-abrasive protection, ideal for surface-sensitive products. It is an excellent choice for products that need to avoid scratches, such as glassware, electronics and coated metals. Foam is lightweight, which doesn’t add much to shipping costs, and it comes in different thicknesses and densities to meet specific packaging needs.

Use and Application Bubble Wrap and Foam

Bubble wrap is versatile and can be used to wrap almost any item. It’s easy to use: cut off the desired amount, wrap it around the item and secure it with tape. It is ideal for packaging electronics, ceramics, glassware and other fragile items.

Foam, on the other hand, is perfect for products that need extra protection against scratches or surface damage. It can be used as an interlayer for stacked products, as a liner for boxes, or to wrap individual items for extra protection.

Applications in Different Industries

  • Electronics: Protects against static electricity and shock.
  • Glassware and Ceramics: Prevents breakage and scratches during transport.
  • Furniture and Woodwork: Protects surfaces and corners from damage.
  • Automotive: Used for the safe transportation of parts.
  • Moving: Ideal for packing household items.

Bubble wrap and foam are indispensable materials for any company that values ​​the integrity of its products. They are easy to use, cost-effective and provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing your products are safe from warehouse to final destination.

Foam Specification

  • Available in rolls or sheets, also available as L-profile or U-profile.
  • Width: 1, 1.5, and 2 meters
  • Various thicknesses available from 0.8 mm to 20 mm.

Bubble Wrap Specification

  • Available in rolls or sheets
  • Width: 1, 1.5, and 2 meters
  • Various thicknesses available