Container Covers & Sheets

Container Covers & Sheets

In the world of storage and transport, protection of goods is essential. Container Covers and Sheets play a crucial role in this. They provide a practical and efficient way to protect products against dust, dirt and other external factors that can affect the quality of the product inside.


The applications of container covers are very diverse. They are used in industries such as logistics, agriculture, construction, and retail, such as bakeries and laundries. Whether it concerns covering pallets, machines, building materials or agricultural products, cover covers provide a protective layer.


Covers are custom made for you. They can be easily applied and removed. The covers are available in both printed variants, with up to eight colours, and unprinted variants. This not only offers functional benefits, but also opportunities for branding and identification.


Cover covers can be adapted to specific needs through a range of additional options:

  • Loose or perforated on a roll: This offers flexibility in use and ease of application and removal.
  • UV Protection: For products exposed to sunlight, this option helps reduce the harmful effects of UV rays.
  • Colorization: Customers can choose a specific color, such as transparent or a color that matches their brand identity.
  • Printing: up to 8 colors possible.
  • Anti-block: Prevents multiple layers from sticking together.
  • Gur
  • Prägung
  • Perforation: holes possible from micro to coarse, in different variations.
  • Anti-static: Reduces static charge.
  • Size: all sizes are possible, depending on your application.
  • Material type:
    • New material / Virgin in optional Translucent
    • Regenerate PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled)
    • Regenerated PIR (Post-Industrial Recycled)