PP-woven Grid Foil

PP-woven Grid Foil

RVC has an understanding of market needs in the construction sector and has been delivering high-quality grid foil for many years. This PP-woven grid foil is indispensable in the installation of underfloor heating systems. Our foil is available in variants of LDPE (low-density polyethylene) and PP-woven (woven polypropylene), and is placed under a wet screed, such as cement or anhydrite.

PP-woven Grid Foil: Ideal for EPS or PUR Insulation Boards

Our PP-woven grid foil is an alternative to our LDPE foil and is frequently used as a covering on top of EPS or PUR insulation boards. This foil is made from PP woven, available in white or grey, and can be printed with a choice of designs, providing a striking and durable marking.

Also Available – LDPE Grid Foil

As alternative to PP-woven grid foil, we present our LDPE foil, specifically designed to function as a reliable vapor barrier. After insulating the subfloor, you place our polyethylene foil, equipped with a convenient grid pattern, to protect the insulation boards from the possible seepage of construction moisture. This foil is crucial in ensuring the integrity of your underfloor heating system, especially when using an anhydrite screed floor, where extra attention is needed for a waterproof finish between the foil, edge insulation, and expansion joints. This foil can be produced in a non-slip version, allowing you to safely walk on the foil during installation. LDPE can be manufactured from new (virgin) material or from regenerates, i.e., recycled materials, contributing to a reduction in environmental impact.

Grid Printing for Maximum Flexibility

The grid foil is provided with an inner grid with a mesh size of 5 x 5 or 10 x 10 cm. The printing is helpful compared to regular construction foils, aiding in the installation by accurately placing and aligning heating elements. The PE foil serves as a stable base for anchoring the underfloor heating pipes with tacker clips. Moreover, we offer the possibility to personalize the grid foil with your own logo, contributing to the professional appearance of your product.


The foil is easy to cut and lay, which shortens installation time and increases efficiency on the construction site. Additionally, our foil has the printing on the inside or outside, depending on your installation process.

Our grid foil is ideal for use in new construction and renovation projects, and it can be applied as a sublayer for laying underfloor heating, after which concrete can be poured.

Moisture Barrier and Installation Ease

In situations where the concrete subfloor lies directly on the earth or above a moist space, it is essential to place a moisture barrier under the concrete subfloor. This prevents moisture penetration into the floor structure and ensures long-lasting protection of your underfloor heating system.


  • Size: Various widths and lengths available
  • Printing: grid 5x5cm, 10x10cm with or without logo.
  • PP-woven: White or grey
  • Optional: with a layer of aluminum, for added insulation values and extra heat reflection.