Reinforced Vapor Barrier Foil

Reinforced Vapor Barrier Foil

Polyethylene (PE) film has been known for many years for its excellent properties as a vapor retarder. The density of the material, the ease with which it can be processed and its cost-effectiveness have made it the most widely used choice when it comes to vapor retarder.

RVC building foil is produced exclusively with translucent raw materials in its own recognizable transparent blue color, with a significant amount of new and reused or recycled raw materials being added. This makes it a sustainable product.

RVC offers a specially developed reinforced, vapor-retardant foil. This perfect multi-layer foil is reinforced with a scrim and coated on both the top and bottom sides. It is an ideal solution for demanding interior roof and facade constructions.


  • The transparency of the foil allows for clear visibility during installation, contributing to precise placement in complex roof and facade constructions.
  • The internal reinforcement provides exceptional strength in both length and width.
  • This foil is extremely vapor-tight, with Sd-values ranging from 25 m to 60 m, depending on the thickness, making it an excellent choice for insulating material protection.
  • In combination with a breathable, vapor-permeable construction foil, it offers optimal protection for your insulation.


  • Available in various thicknesses, tailored to the specific application.
  • Supplied in manageable rolls for easy handling and installation.
  • Customization through printing is possible, making it a unique addition to your project.
  • Optionally available with integrated tape for simplified installation.
  • The foil is rot-free and resistant to mold, contributing to the durability of the construction.