Adhesive tape – Printed & unprinted

Adhesive tape – Printed & unprinted

Our Range of Adhesive Tape at RVC

At RVC we are aware that the right choice of adhesive tape is essential for effective packaging and shipping. We have an extensive range of adhesive tape products, both printed and unprinted, to meet your specific business requirements.

Printed Adhesive Tape

Strengthen your brand with our printed adhesive tape. The high-quality printing ensures that your logo or message is prominent and clearly visible, making your packages stand out and your brand identity remains consistent. Our unprinted tape guarantees safety and durability when sealing your boxes and packages.


Our adhesive tape is versatile and is ideal for:

  • Sealing shipping boxes both manually and mechanically
  • Bundling of products
  • Labeling and identification
  • Giving warnings and instructions


  • Adhesive: Designed for a strong and lasting bond, so your shipments are secured in transit.
  • Durability: Our tapes resist tearing and splitting and can withstand the most challenging conditions.
  • Flexibility: Our tapes are easy to use, roll off easily and adhere seamlessly to various surfaces.
  • Printing options: We offer a variety of customization options for printed tape, including warning tape for extra safety.
  • Colors: Available in clear, brown and a range of other colors to suit your needs.
  • Adhesive side: Choose from single-sided or double-sided tape for different applications.
  • Core format: Our tape is available in formats suitable for machine processing, manual dispensers and even pocket formats, including options for 1 inch core.
  • Material choice: Our range includes PP, paper, reinforced paper tape, water-activated tape and the indispensable duct tape.

RVC is committed to providing quality products that increase the efficiency of your business operations. For more information about our adhesive tape range and how we can serve your business, we invite you to contact us.