Crate bags

Crate bags

Our crate bags are the standard in efficient packaging solutions. bags are attached to a hanging bracket, allowing them to be opened with one simple movement of the hand. This system is not only cost neutral compared to traditional methods, but also offers faster and easier processability. The benefits are clear:

  • Speed: Open the bag in one motion and fold it directly into a box or crate.
  • Order: Say goodbye to cluttered bags and keep your workspace tidy.
  • Crate bags for machine processing: available as tube film for bag inserters, or on a pipe as tube bags.

Applications of Crate Bags

RVC crate bags are designed to provide versatility and functionality in a range of applications. They are the ideal choice for companies looking for reliable and efficient packaging solutions. Here are some of the main uses of our crate bags:

  • Industrial Packaging: from car parts to building materials. They provide protection against dust, moisture and other environmental factors that can damage the products during storage and transport.
  • Food industry: a hygienic option to prevent cross-contamination and maintain the freshness of products such as vegetables, fruits and bakery products. Our food-safe bags meet strict standards for food contact.
  • Retail and Distribution: For retailers, crate bags offer an efficient way to package and present products. They are ideal for quickly packing items in warehouses or behind the scenes in stores.
  • Agriculture and Horticulture for packaging products such as seeds, fertilizers and plants. The bags protect against external elements and make the transport of bulk goods easy and safe.

Crate bags for Packaging Lines

Discover the efficiency in your packaging line with our bag inserter film and tube bags. Designed to seamlessly and automatically pack your products into a pre-placed bag within a box, they eliminate the need for manual packing.

  • Frequently used across various sectors, particularly in the food industry, including customers in the meat processing industry and bakery sector.
  • Available: Available in tube variant for bag inserters, and on a roll, also known as tube bags.

Try It Yourself: We are convinced of the processing of our bag inserter and tube bags on your production line. Therefore, we offer the possibility to test with a minimum order quantity.

Materials and Specifications

  • Material type: Choose from HDPE, LDPE or MDPE, depending on the strength, flexibility and durability required.
  • Size: Our crate bags are available in various sizes, adapted to your needs.
    • Formats specially for Dolav containers.
  • Perforation: from micro to coarse perforation is possible.
  • Coloring: The bags are available in the coloring of your choice
  • Available with or without printing.
  • Food safe

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Crate Bags

  • HDPE is known for its strength and stiffness. It is less flexible than LDPE, but offers higher resistance to punctures and tears. HDPE bags are also more moisture and vapor resistant. Although HDPE may be more expensive per kilo than LDPE, it is important to note that crate bags require less HDPE material to achieve the same strength and durability as with LDPE material. This can reduce the cost per bag and provide a more cost-effective solution in the long run.

Why choose HDPE?

  • Durability: HDPE provides a strong barrier against sharp corners and rough handling.
  • Resistance to Chemicals: This material is resistant to many chemicals, making it suitable for industrial applications.
  • Environmentally friendly: HDPE is recyclable, which contributes to a sustainable packaging solution.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Despite the higher raw material price per kilo, HDPE offers a better strength-to-weight ratio, meaning you need less material for the same job, ultimately saving costs.

MDPE (Medium-Density Polyethylene) Crate Bags

MDPE offers a balance between the flexibility of LDPE and the strength of HDPE. It has better tear and impact resistance than LDPE and is more flexible than HDPE.

Why choose MDPE?

  • Versatility: MDPE is a good all-rounder, suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Impact resistance: It provides better protection against drops and bumps than LDPE.
  • Cost-efficiency: MDPE can be a cost-effective middle ground between LDPE and HDPE.

When choosing the right material for your crate bags, consider the nature of the products you are packaging, the durability required, and the processing conditions. Each material has its own advantages that can make it suitable for your specific packaging needs.