Tubular foil

Tubular foil

Tubular Foil: Flexible Protection for Your Products

Tubular foil m is a versatile packaging solution that provides protection to a wide range of products. This film is perfect for items that require a custom package length, making it an ideal choice for products with varying sizes. Tubular film is a continuous tube of plastic, which can be cut to any length and sealed, allowing for tailor-made packaging for any product.

Use and Application

The use of tubular foil is simple and efficient. You can cut the film to the desired length, place your product inside and then seal the ends to create a secure package. This makes it an excellent choice for packaging long or irregularly shaped objects, such as rods, tubes, and electronic components.

Tubular foil is also ideal for bundling multiple items together, making it a practical solution for creating retail packages or assembling sets. It is suitable for both manual and machine processing, making it a flexible option for companies of all sizes.

Applications in Different Industries

  • Industrial Sector: For packaging metal parts, industrial components and other heavy objects.
  • Food industry: For hygienic packaging of food products, where the foil can be used to maintain freshness.
  • Retail: For packaging consumer products such as toys, textiles, and household items.
  • Logistics and Shipping: For bundling products and providing extra protection during transport.

Tubular foil is an essential packaging material that offers adaptability, protection and efficiency. It is a cost-effective solution that guarantees the safety of your products from warehouse to end user.


  • Various sizes available, with or without side gusset.
  • Printed or unprinted in various repeat lengths or a continuous print.
  • Available in shrink quality.
  • Available in mono-extrusion or multi-layer co-extrusion.