Shrink film

Shrink film

Shrink film is a popular material used in numerous industries to protect and present products. Shrink film is known for its exceptional properties and versatility, making it an indispensable tool for companies aiming for a tight and firm packaging solution. Depending on the purpose, shrink tube film is also often referred to.

What is Shrink Film?

Shrink film, often also referred to as shrink tube film, is a flexible plastic film that shrinks and wraps tightly around the packaged object when heated. This property ensures a safe and sturdy packaging, ideal for transporting and storing products.


The material is resistant to tears, perforations, and other forms of damage, ensuring that products remain in perfect condition from production to the end user. In addition, shrink film offers excellent protection against dust, dirt, and moisture, making it an ideal choice for packaging food, electronics, industrial, and construction products.

Applications and Use

Shrink film is versatile in use and can be applied in various sectors. In the food industry, for example, it is used to ensure freshness and extend the shelf life of products. In retail, shrink film is popular for bundling products and creating promotional packaging. It is also widely used in logistics to stabilize pallets and protect products during transport, such as with stones.

On construction sites, shrink film can be used to create temporary seals, for example, to protect a building under construction from the weather or to create a dust-free environment during certain construction processes. For large construction projects, such as bridges or industrial installations, shrink film can be used to wrap large objects or structures.

We supply shrink tube film for all known packaging systems, with properties similar to those of automatic film. Feel free to ask about the possibilities!

How to Use?

Using shrink film requires a heat source, such as a shrink tunnel or a manual heat gun, to heat and shrink the film. The process is simple and efficient, contributing to the popularity of shrink film as a packaging material.

It is characterized by excellent processing properties on the machine, especially at high machine speeds. This makes efficient packaging of your product possible. We supply you with shrink film for all known packaging systems and shrink guns.


Shrink film is available in different compositions of the film, depending on the purposes of use.

  • The film may need to be either rough or smooth.
  • Shrink: either monoaxial or biaxial.
  • Perforation: from microperforation to coarse, possible.
  • The shrink film is available in different dimensions, and
  • we have the capability to print up to 8 colors.
  • Of course, white or another coloring is also an option.
  • The film is available as unfolded flat film, folded flat film, and tube.


The combination of its thickness, the high-quality of the raw materials used, its uniformity, and its mostly transparent execution, makes it very suitable for recycling. Because of these properties, the shrink sleeve quality is a highly sought-after material in the recycling world.