Stretch Tube

Stretch Tube

Stretch Tube, also known as stretch tube film, is an innovative packaging solution that protects and transports your products without the use of heat, but through stretching. Stretch tube film is primarily used for the production of outer packaging in various industries, including brick and stone, food, beverage, and construction sectors.

Advantages of Stretch Tube

One of the major advantages of stretch tube film over traditional shrink tube film is the efficient use of material. Less film is needed to package products, and no burners are required for the processing. This results not only in cost savings but also in a reduced impact on the environment.

Protection and Safety

Stretch tube film ensures a firm packaging that protects your products from shifting, water, and dust, essential for maintaining quality and safety. Moreover, the high transparency of the film allows for easy inspection of the contents without opening the packaging.

Efficiency and Speed

Thanks to its excellent processing properties on packaging machines, especially at high machine speeds, stretch tube film offers a highly efficient packaging solution. The machine turns the tube itself into a stretch sleeve.

Specification: Customized Solutions

  • Customer-specific: available in all sizes and colors.
  • Palletizing heavy construction materials or packaging fragile food items.
  • Depending on the specific needs of the user, stretch tube film is available in different compositions.
  • Rough or smooth options available, and can even be provided with microperforations if needed.
  • Printing in various colors, offering additional possibilities for branding and product information.