Potting Soil and Substrate Film

Potting Soil and Substrate Film


Durable and Reliable

Our Potting Soil and Substrate Film is a specially designed FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) film that exemplifies our printing capabilities and product knowledge, perfectly tailored to the needs of the horticulture and agriculture industries.


What is FFS Film for Potting Soil and Substrates?

Our FFS film for potting soil and substrates packaging material is tailored for smooth processing on any form-fill-seal machines. This automated process includes forming the film, filling it with the product (such as potting soil or substrates), and sealing the packaging in one fluid motion. Our film, known for its brand recognition within the industry, is designed for seamless operation on machines such as Votech and T2.

Features of Potting Soil and Substrate Film

Our FFS film for potting soil and substrates offers multiple advantages:

  • Powerful Printing: Printed with the right ink up to 8 colors, resistant to external factors.
  • Strength and Resilience: Manufactured from high-quality polymers for a strong and durable packaging, with high resistance to UV radiation.
  • Barrier Protection: Excellent protection against moisture, air, and other external factors, extending the product’s shelf life.
  • Flexibility: Adaptable to various product sizes and shapes.

Environmental Friendliness

Available in recyclable options to reduce the ecological footprint.

  • Co-ex film with a silver interior for optimal detection.
  • 30% PCR with guaranteed sealability and puncture resistance.
  • Film with 80% PCR according to the Blue Angel certificate.


  • Printing: Up to 8 colors, available in both high gloss and paper-like printing.
  • Coloring: Black and white co-ex.
  • Thicknesses: Various thicknesses available.
  • Dimension: Adaptable to different product needs.
  • Material: Co-ex film.
  • Additives: UV protection.
  • Roughness: Both rough and smooth finishes available.

Our FFS film for potting soil and substrates is designed to meet the specific requirements of these industries, ensuring a smooth integration with your packaging processes.