Self-Seal Bags

Self-Seal Bags

Self-Seal Bags: The Versatile Solution for Your Packaging Needs

In the dynamic world of packaging, Self-Seal Bags are a revolutionary invention that takes the ease of packaging, presenting and protecting products to the next level. Also known as self adhesive bags, these bags are the perfect choice for a wide range of applications ranging from retail to the shipping industry. With an easy removable strip and a strong adhesive layer, they provide a reliable seal and a professional look for your products.


Adhesive strip bags are ideal for packaging clothing, jewelry, documents, craft items and even food products. They are ideal for stores that want to protect their items from dust, moisture and other external factors, while still maintaining a clear view of the product, often found in laundries. These bags are also a boon for online businesses; they make the packaging process faster and more efficient, which is essential for companies that process a high volume of orders.


The self seal strip is designed to stick only once, ensuring a secure seal. Each Self-Seal Bags features a reinforced weld seam to prevent tearing and ensure packaging integrity. For added convenience, the bags are equipped with an expandable bottom fold, making them suitable for products with an unusual shape or extra volume.


  • Printing: Personalized with prints, such as company logos or product information, making them an excellent choice for branding and marketing. Up to 8 colors possible with continuous printing or position printing.
  • Formats: different sizes possible.
  • Perforation: with or without from micro to coarse.
  • Thicknesses: various options possible.
  • Coloring: transparent, translucent or colored in various colours.
  • Food safe: approved for direct contact with food.
  • Additives: Anti-block, anti-static, UV-resistant. Freezer safe
  • Material: LDPE or PP
  • Mounting: on bracket or on block
  • Packaging: loose in a box or on a roll