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S-Covers as a Crucial Element in the Industrial Packaging Sector

S-covers play a crucial role in the industrial packaging sector, focusing on sustainability, reliability, and efficiency. These specifically manufactured covers are ideally suited for protecting heavy and large products during transport and storage, offering a strong solution to the challenges within the industrial sector.

The unique ‘S’-shaped cut of the cover ensures a snug and secure fit, even around irregularly shaped or large objects. This guarantees that the products are protected from dust, dirt, and that less moisture remains on the pallet compared to other types of shrink covers. This is important for maintaining the quality and integrity of the products during transport and storage. An additional benefit of S-covers is that there are no extra flaps on the sides and no film is wasted.


Use and Application

In the logistics and transport sector, S-covers provide secure protection during transport. The tight fit ensures that the products safely reach their destination. The cover is also widely used for machine parts, building materials, and products such as stones, tiles, roof tiles, concrete sleepers, and plasterboards for stone factories and trade.

Additionally, S-covers are easy to use and quick to apply, contributing to an efficient packaging process. The minimal shrinkage during heating ensures that the printing retains its quality.

Difference between S-Cover

An S-cover is extruded crosswise and folded into an “S” shape. Thanks to the built-in roof, a square shape is created when unfolding the S-cover, which fits well around the contents. This provides a tighter enclosure of a pallet. Thus, the S-cover offers a firmer packaging after shrinking around the shape of a pallet, and due to the flat roof, less rain remains on the packaging. This results in a more efficient and visually appealing packaging solution.


The customization options for S-covers are extensive and diverse, with a wide range of options in terms of thickness, size, perforation, color, and printing. Additionally, additives can be added, such as anti-block, anti-static agent, and UV protection, to further enhance the functionality and durability of the S-Cover.

We offer precision printing, where each S-Cover is consistently printed in exactly the same place and with continuous print. In terms of color, you can opt for a striking presentation, with the option to print the S-cover in up to six different colors, on one side, both sides, or even with six colors on both sides, depending on your specific needs.


Due to its thickness, the high-quality materials used, its uniformity, and its mostly transparent execution, it is very suitable for recycling. Because of these properties, the quality of the shrink cover is a highly sought-after material in the recycling world.